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About IMPA

Our Values as members of IMPA
    Competence —— We continuously develop our competencies, sharing knowledge and experience.
    Respect —— We act with respect towards the ideas of others and listen to opinions.We respect the need for balance and provide room for diversity.
    Entrepreneurship —— We are innovative and creative. We face challenges by seeing opportunities. We face and solve conflicts together.
    Accountability —— We are reliable, responsible and honest in our actions. We keep our promises.
    Team spirit —— We are all representatives of IMPA. We depend on each other and we lead by example.
    Enthusiasm —— We take pride in what we do and we share our enthusiasm. We are dynamic in our attitude.

Our Mission
    To promote and facilitate co-operation and understanding between purchasers and suppliers in the global maritime business.
    To create, develop and support standards within the industry in order to provide value to our members.
    To enhance and promote the art and science of marine purchasing in all applied forms in order to increase the status of the association’s members.

Our Vision
    To be a leading industry organisation providing real value to members.

A Brief History
    IMPA was formed in 1978 by a group of senior purchasing executives who wanted to create an industry ‘voice’ to represent the interests of the purchasing profession within shipping and promote close co-operation and understanding between buyer and supplier.
    Over the past 30 or so years the association has grown significantly and now represents over 600 members from across the world; ship owners, operators and managers’ account for full and corporate members (Purchasers) and manufacturers and ship suppliers make up associate members (Suppliers).
    The Association is run by a council of eight individuals comprising six from the purchasing profession and two from the supply side, the council are responsible for directing the duties of the Secretariat and formulating the strategy for the association.
    The day to day operation of the association is run by a contracted administration office based 50 miles east of the city of London represented by Stephen Alexander – IMPA Secretariat and COO.
    The council of IMPA are not paid for their role within the council and the association is run primarily as a ‘not for profit’ organisation seeking to benefit members and their organisations through the creation of industry initiatives and products and services, some of these are listed on the right.

IMPA Services
Knowledge & Information
    We are increasingly living in an age where the supply of information seems to be constant, but sifting through the right information to find the material relevant to your work is not so easy.
    This is why IMPA has developed a number of tools and facilities to help purchasing and supply professionals gain access to information and data that is appropriate and useful in day to day activities. The IMPA Library & Resource Centre provides past papers, articles, news and research material. The beauty of joining the IMPA network is that if there’s something you would like added you simply have to ask IMPA and we will research the topic on your behalf.
MT - The IMPA Magazine
    IMPA's magazine, titled Marine Trader (MT), is published eight times a year, is the only industry magazine dedicated to marine purchasing and supply. The high quality magazine is sent to all IMPA members and available in electronic versions to a wide reaching audience.
    With it's own commercial and editorial team based at the IMPA secretariat office the magazine covers a vast array of highly topical and relevant news articles as well as providing members with all the latest from their association.
    The mix of news and industry views, briefing papers, best practice articles and latest developments have made the magazine an essential, must read journal for all those in the supply chain management function.
    MT also provides manufacturers and suppliers with the ideal opportunity to launch new products and services with news stories and advertising offers discounted for members. Contact IMPA in the UK for more information.
Industry Initiatives
    IMPA engages in industry initiatives which seek to represent the best interests of the industry and those engaged within the purchasing and supply arena.
    An example of this is IMPA’s involvement in the e-commerce sector where IMPA was instrumental in establishing a standard for the industry. MTML is a sub set of the XML language and is still in use today as the standard for electronic trading and e-commerce. IMPA plays a key role in advising and communicating issues surrounding e-commerce in the sector and has arranged various conferences and forums to bring together representatives for further development.
    IMPA’s council and secretariat office regularly investigate initiatives based on recommendations from members and the industry and will continue to do so. These are explored by IMPA’s council as part of the organisation’s strategy and role in the industry.
    Remember, as an IMPA member you can suggest areas for IMPA to investigate for the benefit of the industry.
Best Practice
    If best practice processes and methods are available, IMPA will seek to find them and make them available for members.
    IMPA’s ‘Library & Resources Centre’ contains best practice papers, recommended guides and industry data which can provide a valuable resource to your business when you are required to look at benchmarking and performance.
    IMPA carries out an important survey to improve the purchasing process by benchmarking Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). The confidential survey is undertaken IMPA on an ongoing basis and the results provided from this survey allow companies to compare themselves with others in the sector, providing information that helps improve their purchasing processes.
    As IMPA members, you will play an integral part in the development of such areas within purchasing practice, and at the same time, gain the benefits of the results of such industry initiatives by applying them to your business.


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