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Storage and Edible Method of Vegetables

Freshness Keeping of Vegetables
   The easiest way is using out-dated newspapers. Firstly, spray some water on leaves and then wrap them in newspapers. Next, put vegetables into the refrigerator or freezer with stems down in erect posture, which can effectively extend the        preservation time and keep fresh.

The Edible Method of Vegetables with More Nutritious
   Green vegetables have high content of Vitamin, cellulose and trace element, which are closely related with human health. If  you want to uptake nutrient of green vegetables in full, you should pay attention to the following points:
1. Raw Eatable Vegetables Be Eaten Raw
   A variety of vitamins can not be damaged and lost when vegetables are not heated or cooked. Vegetables, such as radish,     cucumber, potato, pepper, celery are all raw eatable.
You can enjoy the delicious taste at the same of protecting of natural vitamin C. But hygiene must be paid attention to when   eating raw vegetables.
2. Eating Vegetables First at Meals
   When one is in hunger, the appetite will be particularly strong. When facing a full table of delicacies, you should eat   vegetables first because they are one of the important food to keep balanced nutrition. And this diet should be especially   paid attention to by those disliking eating fruits.
3. Some Vegetables Must Be Cooked Thoroughly
   For example, lentils, sword beans have certain bean toxin. If undercooked, toxin is not destroyed and poisoning accident is   prone to happen. 
4. Do Not Add Seasoning as Possible as You Can When Eating
   The best method of eating green vegetables is rapid boiling in water with no adding of seasoning in the pursuit of light and  original flavor.
5. Don't Regard the Vegetable Juice as Main Dishes
   Drinking extracted vegetable juice can affect the secretion of digestive enzymes in saliva. Since mastication function is not simply chewing up vegetables, but more importantly, is mixing digestive enzymes in saliva with juice, vegetable juice should   be used as an auxiliary food.

Stop Eating Immediately When Cold Dishes or Hot Dishes Taste Strange
The phenomenon of bitter taste of cucumber or tomato salad or even stir fried vegetables attributes from high content Pesticide residues or unexplained hormones in vegetables. In such circumstance, you should immediately stop eating to prevent poisoned.

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